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By guest, Jul 14 2016 09:59AM

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Jun 23 2017 01:37PM by Lilly Castillo

My vehicle shut down in front of my house, I called my insurance for towing services on September 29, 2016. We towed it to AC Auto on 1411 N 5th street Reading, PA 19601. After not hearing from him I called serval times for an update on my vehicle, I spoke to every single staff and no one knew about my vehicle and I was instructed to only speak to the boss Tom. After serval attempts to receive an update I went to this location and spoke to him and he kept telling me "all it needs is a battery, ill have it ready soon" I kept accepting his apology and I gave him another week possibly 2. I still did not hear from him. I went back to give him another contact number incase he lost the other one. I still did not hear from him. I gave him another month to see if he calls and nothing. I called again and he stated he brought the car down and he's working on it. I called the following week and he continued to tell me the same. After giving him so many chances I finally reached out to my insurance to send over a towing to pick up my vehicle and drop it off at another location for fixing. When the towing gets there the boss tells me that he cannot find my car nor my keys. and stated that someone must of stoled it out of his mechanic shop. Without giving me any further information he just walked away from me leaving me speechless. I followed up by calling the police and making a report. He left me without a car that I've been paying insurance on while it was at his shop, I paid a lot of money for this car, and to have no explanation on the where about of my car is very frustrating. His customer service is very poor.

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